Private Tuition

Private sessions allow you to master techniques and work on specific problem areas.


1-2-1 sessions

Lessons involving controlled exercise, include working with Joseph Pilates equipment such as floor work, stability balls, rolls, wobble boards weights etc. helping to re-educate muscles into better movement patterns.  This improves balance and proprioception (body awareness of sensory patterns of movement), aiding realignment of the body and therefore helping to further reduce stress on joints - allowing you to achieve better harmony of mind/body and efficiency of movement.

Anyone looking to join a class, will need one or two private lessons, to tailor specific needs and requirements. Also, to ensure an understanding of the basic principles of Pilates.

For specific problems, which may include a range of sports, leisure or outdoor activities, it is advised that a private assessment is taken, after which recommendation for an individual programme can be made.  Private work is very beneficial as you are working on your own specific needs with close supervision.

Reformer-based 1-2-1 sessions

I’m excited to announce that the reformer is back! I can now offer 1-2-1 sessions using a C2Pro reformer. Reformer work offers greater flexibility and builds strength more quickly than mat work alone.

Pilates reformer rehab is highly effective because it incorporates strength training along with flexibility training, but it also involves balance, kinesthetic awareness and efficient movement patterns. Pilates reformer can assist the patient with movement exercises at the beginning of their treatment and as they progress move to resistance therapies at different variances. The use of levers, springs, and props can also help to alternate the base of support.

Pilates reformers provide more flexibility than traditional gym equipment. Athletes that have used Pilates in their rehab report heightened body awareness, fewer injuries, enhanced coordination, improved flexibility and strength and rapid return to their sport.

One to one sessions are £43.00 for a one hour session.

Cancellations for all lessons require 48 hours notice or a full charge will be made.