The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique teaches people how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during their everyday activities. The purpose of the Alexander technique is to help people unlearn bad physical habits and return to a balanced state of rest and poise in which the body is well-aligned.
The technique is named after actor Frederick Matthias Alexander, who developed its principles in the 1890s as a personal tool to alleviate breathing problems and hoarseness during public speaking. He credited the technique with allowing him to pursue his passion for Shakespearean acting.

The Alexander Technique is based on particular dynamics between the head, neck and back.  It involves changing your long-standing habits, learning new skills and like learning any new skill - it takes practice!

The Alexander Technique is all about how you 'use yourself and your posture'. It is sometimes described as 'a driving lesson for the human vehicle'.

It can improve management of stress and pain and produce coping skills for chronic illness and everyday life.

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