Exercise stimulates your brain (yes really!)

Longer days and warmer weather means we should take the chance to get out and move wherever possible.

According to a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh regular exercise  rolling towards (all of us!) and into old age may offer better protection against brain shrinkage than engaging in mental or social activity.

Researchers looked at the lifestyles of 638 people from Scotland born in 1936 all wre given MRI scans at 73 years of age. The study found that after 3 years people who participated in more physical activity experienced less brain shrinkage than those who exercised minimally regardless of their mental and social activity!

So lets get out into our beautiful Lakeland and do some walking. Really go for a swim, bike ride, walk up the stairs, walk into town if you can leave the car behind. Just 15 mins a day of good walking (I mean getting out of breath) 3/4 time a week is so good for you and it really will feed your energy stores! Who knows you may do it everyday and grow to love it!