Let's Talk Handbags. Men Too!!!

I sometimes lift my clients handbags and get quite a shock at how heavy they are!!! It doesn't have to be a hand bag, a case with a computer in it, a shopping bag,a tote bag, sports bag! What I'am saying is if you always carry a bag either on the same shoulder or in the same hand you are asking for problems. This habit will distort your alignment,create a muscle imbalance and eventually you will feel it!!!! Aching neck, bad back, tension in the shoulders your pelvis slipping out of alignment and worse if you keep these bad habits for years these problems will not go away!! No matter how much Pilates you do or how often you have a massage or a treatment!
So what is the best way forward?( you know the answer really!)
Carry your bag  across your body, use a rucksack or similar on your back not one shoulder! Have two bags for your shopping and even out the weight!!!  Or get someone to carry  the load for you! Simple really!!! 
How do you want your body to feel tomorrow ? In 5 to 10 years years?!!!   Not in pain I think!!
So ....... Change your habits now !!! Decide to change and do it today!
Be kind to your body !!!!!