HIP Pilates is now part of my intermediate classes

I recently furthered my professional development training with Lisa Bradshaw, a specialist in HIP (High Intensity Pilates) who has been teaching for 25 years and has her own academy in London. I’ve known her for 21years!

HIP Pilates is short for High Intensity Pilates and Lisa designed this for those who wanted to keep true to Pilates principals but raise their heart rate by a more intense workout increasing strength stamina and coordination! This includes squats, lunges, plank small hand weights.Its brilliant! This is the now the first 20 mins in the Thursday intermediate class and the class keeps flowing from there on.
I also plan to run workshops on HIP.

HIP Pilates™ is aimed at raising heart rate and improving overall functionality, strength, mobility and stamina. ... This combination of high energy, faster paced movement with the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates class creates a balanced and fun workout for everyone.

Watch Lisa’s introductory video by clicking the button below.