The wonders of a Wobble Board

Have you ever gone over on your ankle and then done nothing about re-educating that damaged bit? Be truthful. Most people say "Oh it's fine now. I don't feel anything." But, do you keep going over on that weak ankle?

One of the most beneficial uses of the Wobble Board is to strengthen "weak" ankles by improving leg muscle co-ordination. After an injury, the reflex muscle response to protect and stabilise the ankle is delayed so the ankle keeps 'going over'. Learning to balance on a Wobble Board is like learning to ride a bike; you are developing good balance correction.
The other bonus with the Wobble Board is that it strengthens muscles further up the chain such as leg muscles, deep spinal muscles, abdominals and postural reflexes. It can be used as a warm up for sports people, athletes or before going for a walk, etc., or just a very beneficial 10-minute workout everyday!

I am now offering a 30 minute lesson on how to 'play' on the Wobble Board to rehabilitate ankles and improve overall vital balance. Call for a chat if you feel this could benefit you!!