Squatting is Child's play

Squatting multiple times daily is one of the best ways to maintain knee, ankle, hip and pelvic floor health while also keeping arthritis at bay.
But in our Western culture, squatting is an ability many of us have lost because we've stopped going all the way to the ground and instead stop our range of motion at the height of the chair in which we're sitting.
This means we rarely experience our body's full range of motion. And when it comes to your body, the old saying, "use it or lose it" applies.
So a good way to start is on all fours with your back straight and slowly hinge back as if taking your hips to your heels but not rounding your back keep it straight,then return back to all fours position,this way you are beginning to get hip flexion and spinal stability.

While standing try squatting but with the back of a chair for support!
Give it a try. It's child's play! (That's why we play in class to get our joints thinking young!)