HIP Pilates is now part of my intermediate classes

I recently furthered my professional development training with Lisa Bradshaw, a specialist in HIP (High Intensity Pilates) who has been teaching for 25 years and has her own academy in London. HIP Pilates is short for High Intensity Pilates and Lisa designed this for those who wanted to keep true to Pilates principals but raise their heart rate by a more intense workout increasing strength stamina and coordination! This includes squats, lunges, plank small hand weights.Its brilliant! This is the now the first 20 mins in the Thursday intermediate class and the class keeps flowing from there on.

Squatting is Child's play

Squatting multiple times daily is one of the best ways to maintain knee, ankle, hip and pelvic floor health while also keeping arthritis at bay.
But in our Western culture, squatting is an ability many of us have lost because we've stopped going all the way to the ground and instead stop our range of motion at the height of the chair in which we're sitting.
This means we rarely experience our body's full range of motion. And when it comes to your body, the old saying, "use it or lose it" applies.
So a good way to start is on all fours with your back straight and slowly hinge back as if taking your hips to your heels but not rounding your back keep it straight,then return back to all fours position,this way you are beginning to get hip flexion and spinal stability.

While standing try squatting but with the back of a chair for support!
Give it a try. It's child's play! (That's why we play in class to get our joints thinking young!)

You can do Pilates anywhere, anytime...

There's no excuses. Pilates is so adaptable that you can do it anywhere you can fit a mat. A hotel room while you're away, in your garden, while the TV is on or indeed on a beach. Just five minutes here and there can be very beneficial.

New Intermediate Class

Intermediate Pilates and Stretch Class.

Thursday 9.30. Balance Body Studio. Staveley. One Hour.

This is a more challenging Pilates class for those with previous experience in Pilates but want to increase their strength,core and flexibility. The class will flow from one exercise to another but new and more challenging moves will be introduced.

Please call if you have any queries or want to book in!     
Monica 07974 064466.

Sometimes less really is more

In Pilates, why do we generally do fewer reps than other forms of exercise such as gym work or aerobics etc.? Joseph Pilates would call lots of repetitions "mindless repetition ", he would say "always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them."

It is the mind that moves the body! The demand is on your mind while you move through the exercises, not your body. Your body can keep on repeating and repeating a movement, while you focus on your shopping list or the meeting at work that is coming up next!
But you're only moving in your habitual way. So, if you want to improve your posture, or realign those tight shoulders that give you tension headaches or soreness after you've been on that computer, then focus your mind. Become aware of your habits and concentrate on the movement.
The mind is where the most profound changes occur!  Less is best. Awareness is key!

Let's Talk Handbags. Men Too!!!

I sometimes lift my clients handbags and get quite a shock at how heavy they are!!! It doesn't have to be a hand bag, a case with a computer in it, a shopping bag,a tote bag, sports bag! What I'am saying is if you always carry a bag either on the same shoulder or in the same hand you are asking for problems. This habit will distort your alignment,create a muscle imbalance and eventually you will feel it!!!! Aching neck, bad back, tension in the shoulders your pelvis slipping out of alignment and worse if you keep these bad habits for years these problems will not go away!! No matter how much Pilates you do or how often you have a massage or a treatment!
So what is the best way forward?( you know the answer really!)
Carry your bag  across your body, use a rucksack or similar on your back not one shoulder! Have two bags for your shopping and even out the weight!!!  Or get someone to carry  the load for you! Simple really!!! 
How do you want your body to feel tomorrow ? In 5 to 10 years years?!!!   Not in pain I think!!
So ....... Change your habits now !!! Decide to change and do it today!
Be kind to your body !!!!!

Feeling tired? Irritable?!!

Floradix Magnesium is a herbal formula in liquid form which can help make the difference to your nervous system( as Christmas is not far away!) magnesium helps the nervous system function properly and tense muscles relax.Good sources of magnesium are found in nuts,green leafy veg, and dried fruits. The Floradix is easy to take and highly absorbable !! Try it!!!!

Best way to revive and release your back

Semi-supine for 15 minutes a day.
This is lying on your back,small pillow for your head,knees bent arms comfortable .
Still your mind!!! Allow the floor to support you so that your muscles that have no structure to keep upright can release into the floor,melting away tension, allowing your discs to plump up reversing the compression gravity inflicts on our body everyday in standing and just living.
This takes mindfulness and that takes practice !! Be patient your body and your mind deserve 15minutes TLC a day!!

How do I stay focused in my Pilates Class?

Remember this is a mind body workout!
Ignore your neighbour this is not a competition this is your time to focus on your body and how it feels and responds to your movement.
Breath!!!!! It really will engage your mind and body giving you that freedom to move.
Awareness !!!!! Feel your movement,listen to your inner web of muscles ....your centre, keep it connected on the just enough just in time basis!!!
Enjoy !!! Smile!!! Don't try too hard!!
Be kind to your body it is the only one you get!!!

Even the Pilates Teachers go back to basics!

Even if you have been practicing Pilates for 10 years give your body a treat and always start your practice with the basic stability exercises!! I call it saying hello to your inner web of muscles the ones that hold you up all day! That support your bones and back! My favourite ...the ever fascinating Knee Fold!!! In Standing ...basic foot work and then balancing on one leg( with good alignment!!)